Company:                                          Big Box Youth Theatre

Production:                                      Cats

Director/ Choreographer:                Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Co-Producer/Choreographer:        Ami Fitzpatrick

Musical Director:                              David Hails

Venue:                                               Bonington Theatre Arnold

Date:                                                   8th July 2017


First and foremost, this is the best production I have seen from Big Box.  The enthusiasm of the one stage team coupled with the great work that Elizabeth, Ami and David had put into the rehearsal period shone out from each and every one of the young cast.

Cats is a very challenging production with choreography being emphasised in every number from full cast dance in Jellicle songs for Jellical Cats and Growltiger’s Last Stand (almost a play within a play) to solo emphasis in Mungojerrie & Rumpleteaser.  In every case the staging, lighting, acting, vocal work and movement worked very well to provide a very satisfying whole.

Every performer looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves and even the very youngest managed to stay in character.  Sound balance in the Bonnington is a challenge but the cast overcame any difficulties with ease and Nadia, Sophie, Leah, Bethan, Vicki C, Sam, Vicki R, Eleanor, Elsa, Thomas, Ben, Imogen, Ania, Seamus, Hannah, Flynn and Amy and should be suitably proud of their performances.

It was also great to see that the costuming was also provided by Big Box Youth Theatre as they were very effective, original and avoided duplication so that each and every ‘Cat’ had their own individual character in both costuming and characterisation thanks to the skill of Elizabeth’s direction.

It is a pleasure to see such a large, enthusiastic team deliver a great collaborative production that maximised the space available and the talents of the group.

A very enjoyable night at the Youth theatre, an excellent production and a very warm welcome from the team.  Many thanks all.


Martin Holtom