Diary Dates for 2020/21 Season

First rehearsal 2021               Tuesday 7th September 2021

Autumn half term break        last rehearsal Tuesday 12th October 2021,

                                                 restart Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Last reheasal 2021                Tuesday 14th December 2021

First reheasal 2022                Tuesday 4th January 2022

Winter half term break          last rehearsal Tuesday 8th February 2022,

                                                 restart Tuesday 22nd November 2022

Easter break                           last rehearsal Tuesday 29th March 2022,

                                                 restart Tuesday 26th April 2022

Spring half term break           last rehearsal Tuesday 24th May 2022,

                                                 restart Tuesday 7th June 2022

End of summer term               last rehearsal Tuesday 26th July 2022

We still have the rights to perform “The Adams Family” and hope to be able to book a theatre to perfom it in the Summer of 2022.