NODA Review by Phil Williams

Production: The Hysterical History of the Trojan War
Presented by: Big Box Youth Theatre
Performance dates: 12th July 2013
Venue: Mapperley Plains Social Club
Director: Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Musical Director: David Hayles
Choreographer: Ami & Emma Fitzpatrick

This was a children’s play set with music, an unusual choice but very suitable for a youth production. The venue was quite a challenge to the production team and cast but both rose to the occasion to provide a good end result. Elizabeth used the performing space well, spreading the action over a wide area with nice groupings while maintaining interest throughout. David used a good variety of songs to link the narrative, all sung well by the chorus and individual characters. The cast certainly got into the spirit of the production and did seem to be enjoying the occasion, making good use of the humour while conveying the character of their various roles. There were good performances all round, especially Jessica Gale as Cassandra and Imogen Jones as Hector who stamped their personalities on their roles and projected particularly well. There was some nice dancing interspersed with the drama and songs. The set was simple but effective, allowing the “Gods” to rise above the main action, while the costumes did convey the period of the storyline. This Society was effectively re-started last year so to overcome the challenge of a difficult performing area and technical problems at this stage was a very steep learning curve, but they succeeded so it can go down as a valuable experience. Well done.